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slider_figure1I have admired skaters for so long I’ve already memorized their elegant moves. Sometimes I wanted to try myself out for skating, but I always hesitate. But it doesn’t matter; nothing beats the professionals because they know the moves. They are very flexible, daring, risk-taking and determine as they jump, twirl and glide. They walk on ice as normal as any other human being who walked on land. They are gorgeous and talented. What made them even more amazing, and it is not their skill set, their skill set may have the major role, but what catches the crowd’s eyes is their costume?

Their costume expresses their emotions while they move their arms and legs as they swing and turn. They tell the story; they are living characters as they act on stage. And the stage is made out of ice; it is an amazing feat after all. The thing is about these performers, this ice skating performers they are like ballerinas. Except they are dancing on ice. You cannot deny the beauty that they exhibit, and the wonderful show that they are performing.

And there will be more tales to come if you look more around here. There a lot more where that came from and if you wish to stay and explore then, by all means, take your time reading because there are a lot of stories for you to discover.