featured9 - The Ice Skating Neophyte’s Guide to Becoming an Expert Glider on Ice
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The Ice Skating Neophyte’s Guide to Becoming an Expert Glider on Ice

When you step on the ice, it’s either you’re really confident in your skills and abilities, or you’re just really brave and don’t mind a fall or two. If you’re looking to create a sensation on ice by becoming really good to look at or just really entertaining by the way you stumble and laugh about it, you should find out what to expect on the ice.

From people who were once beginners, here are the things to expect when you lace up your skates and you step on the ice.

DON’T look down

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look down on yourself; it means you shouldn’t look down on your feet too often. It’s very simple why you should do it. Your lower body will take care of itself and, once you get practice, it’ll be natural for you. What you should look out for are bodies colliding into you.

DON’T be cheap

If you plan to succeed, you shouldn’t cheap out on yourself. When you’re buying skates, you shouldn’t go for the cheap ones; instead, buy good skates if you’re serious on becoming good. If you’re just beginning, and you don’t want to take things seriously, you can settle on hiring rental skates.

DON’T sacrifice warm-ups

In every sport, warm-ups are the most important part. If you want to have fun on the ice, you should stretch properly. You shouldn’t sacrifice warm ups just for the sake of going on the ice too soon. You should also be careful of the type of warm-up you’re going to do too, since you’re on the ice.

DON’T forget training

If you’re adamant on being good, you shouldn’t sacrifice learning too. There are videos and group sessions where you can get tips and pointers on your routine and skating. If you’re too shy to take them alone, you can bring a friend or two; learning with others makes the activity twice as fun.

DON’T lose focus

When you’re skating, you have to know your surroundings. This is helpful if you’re skating on a public rink along with other skaters. If you’re training, you shouldn’t lose focus too; the moves you’re doing are advanced and it could be really easy to injure yourself if you happen to lose sense of your surroundings.

DON’T lose confidence

Never, ever lose confidence. If you think you’re doing something wrong, look around and spot people doing the right thing. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice too. The best way to become better is to admit that there are still a lot to learn, even if you’re already experienced.

The best figure skaters in the world started as novices once too. If you’re serious about becoming better, learn to be better. Don’t be afraid to admit that there are things you can’t learn on your own and asking for help from those willing to help.