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At a Later Age: An Adult’s Guide to Beginner Figure Skating

You’re never too old to get started on a hobby you want to pursue. Some people find building model kits as a passionate hobby. Others see anime as a hobby they could get into. Others take it further and dress as their favorite comic book or anime character. For athletic people, figure skating could easily become a passionate hobby.

They say sports are better if you get into it at a young age. However, there is still a benefit to getting into sports—like figure skating—even at an advanced age. Here’s how to be a figure skater even when old.

Attend Skate Academy

More accurately, this means you should seek out skate schools. These schools are run by experienced professionals and normally they hold classes for adults on the weekends. They may charge you a fee for training. It is important to enroll in such schools because here is where you’ll learn the basics of skating on the ice like a pro.

Practice on your Own

Enrolling in these skating schools does not guarantee you’ll be practicing alone. Normally, schools like these are sought after by young people for their own training or wants. If you want to train on your own—out of shyness or whatever reason—search for safe patches of ice. This is easy during the winter, but in the summer, you’re better off in a community ice skating rink.

Decide on your Path

Despite being a hobbyist, there are certain routines available for you to learn. You may choose to study jumping—a part of free skating; dancing on ice—a standard of dance routines; or even become part of a team—a normal thing in synchronized skating. What you do depends on whether you feel skilled in any or all these areas, or where you feel most comfortable at.

Compete in the Nationals

As with any sport, you may extend your goals beyond just making it a hobby or training. Some people become even more competitive when they try out a sport. These people often find themselves progressing beyond mere recreational levels and turn amateur before going pro. In the case of figure skating, some adults have successfully transitioned into national competition levels.

You’ll never know if you don’t try

The best and most correct way of knowing whether you can do it or not is to try it out for yourself. Who knows? Maybe figure skating is your de-stressor and what you should do both at the same time. You’ll never know until you at least try to skate.

Weekends should be fun, and skating is one of the best activities to have that fun. If you want to skate, seek out where these schools are, and try out a session yourself.

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