Figure Skaters Dancing on Ice

ice-skatingSkating is an art; it is also a sport, and together they become the greatest form of performance that you will see on the ice field. Performers with the fancy colorful costume, charming and fitting music, and their stunts will bring awe and inspiration to all audiences, including you and me.

People understand that dancing on ice is no easy feat. It is dangerous after all, especially with your skates. But you cannot deny the beauty of it. The grace and elegance of the figure skater as she or he glides and slides and twirls in the air like a magnificent swan. It was an outstanding performance. And on March 24-30 you will find many interesting tales in regards to the event, the SU WORLD FIGURE SKATING CHAMPIONSHIP 2014. It was a big hit, and everything was wild and crazy.

As you browse around here, you will find yourself surrounded with so much information about the performers, the costumes and the clothes and their performance. Because their set up and costumes bring story to their dance, it brings life and colour as they glide their way around the ice. Skating is akin to ballet after all except its on the ice.