The Wonderful Moments Of The Figure Skating Championship 2014

05. October 2016 Figure Skating 0

figureskating1It was an amazing week and weekend from the beginning of March 24, 2014, until the end of the event, the most beautiful and amazing figure skaters dance on ice as they glide and slide in their magnificent dresses. They are gorgeous on that day, and everybody fell in love with their performance, the music, the clothes, they were all perfect, and nothing beats that. It was a big event, not just any event, but the biggest finally of international figure skating competition of the best season! The 2014 ISU WORLD FIGURE SKATING CHAMPIONSHIP!

This is a big event, and it is a big deal to everybody who’s watching. But sad to say if it weren’t for the SOCHI 2014 WINTER OLYMPICS that happened last month, everyone could have an awesome battle here, but since most of the best skaters decided to skip so that they can go for the other event, it was a bit of a downer. The “top skaters,” as they say, White and David from USA and Moir and Virtue from Canada are the top gold and silver medal winning ice dance team followed their example and skipped as well so that they don’t miss the SOCHI Event. But they are not the only ones. The ladies from Russia, gold medal winning Lady Adelina Sotnikova and silver medal winning Patrick Chan did not attend.

However the show must go on, and there are a lot of best ice skating dancers that are considered top-A raters and they managed to perform a great competition and, no one was disappointed either, because it is still an amazing performance, the event occurred at Saitama Arena in Saitam Japan, the country of the rising sun.

It was a massive event, and the show was mind blowing with their performance, their costume and the taste in music, and my god, the stunts. They were all impressive. You cannot deny that the show, the competition was heated. Everyone was out doing the other, some managed to get ahead, others pulled out a surprise attack, in whatever move we all got caught up in it. People were surprised and delighted, and you won’t forget that moment as you laid eyes on your favourite performer with her outstanding costume.

Haruka Imai. She’s a delicate flower.

Haruka Imai is breath-taking. Her gorgeous costume fits her like a lovely glove. She’s like a cherry blossom with her short program music of Song without Words in Major OP. 109 by Felix Mendelssohn. Her costume is pink, with a bit of light red that makes it look like cherry blossom petals. You can tell that the design looks identical to her previous costume back at 2013 but still, she’s beautiful.

Figure skaters are professionals because they know the moves and the cues to create the perfect show. They are very flexible, daring, risk-taking and determine as they jump, twirl and glide. They walk on ice as normal as any other human figureskating_10being who walked on land. They are gorgeous and talented. What made them even more amazing, and it is not their skill set, their skill set may have the major role, but what catches the crowd’s eyes is their costume.

Their costume expresses their emotions while they move their arms and legs as they swing and turn. They tell the story; they are living characters as they act on stage. And the stage is made out of ice; it is an amazing feat after all. The thing about these performers is that this ice skating performs they are like ballerinas, except that they are dancing on ice. They are hard working, and that is what I admire about ice skating. The thing about the ice skating on the ISU WORL CHAMPIONSHIP 2014 there were a lot of foreign people competing, from Japan, Canada, Russia, and America. They are all here ice dancing their way, gliding and sliding with their arms stretch out and legs moving at a fast pace. Their performances were brilliant.

The dance battle will continue as the years passes by because the sport, skating, has become a tradition.